Most of the people believe that the shooter can’t able to well play the basketball. People think that the height is essential to blocking shots, throwing the balls, pulling down rebounds, etc. But the actual truth is the game does not based on the height of the player.

In basketball, the skills are very important than the height. Skills like ability to handle the ball, quick steps, and fast movement, able to jump long are the essential skills to well play the basketball. So you can play a basketball if you are short.

Think fast

The key factor to success the basketball is fast thinking and movement. You have to quickly analyze the ball and block the shots. Normally the basketball court is 94 feet long, the quicker player will get the chance to get the basket and have the opportunity to score more.

The shorter players in a basketball don’t affect the game if the team having good skills. If you do regular exercise it will help you to move quickly and play well.

Leader of the team

The benefits of being short in basketball are leadership. Mostly shorter is the leader of the basketball team. The leader acts as a guard position and gives advice to the players. The shorter can easily move fast and able to handle the ball perfectly.

So the size is not a matter, the skills make the play well. You have to improve your skills and fast movements to play well the game.

Fast movement and fast hands

The short people can quickly move their hands and feet. This will helps to stop the shot and easily move the ball towards the basket. If you develop your speed and fast movement, you can easily defeat the taller person. You have to improve your skills and increase your speed is the most important thing in the basketball game.

play a basketball if you are short

Pass the balls

If you develop your ball handling skills and improve your speed, you can easily pass the ball quickly and also prevent the ball from the opponents. You have to cooperate with your teammates; this will helps to increase the team score.

Final thoughts:

These are some of the advantages of being short in basketball. Don’t underestimate your height. You have to improve your skills and prove your talents. The skills and tricks will make the game well. Improve your skills and enjoy your playing.