Athletes face lots of problems to overcome their difficulties. In some places, coaches are not friendly and always shout hardly. Some coach behaves differently based on the player’s wealth and status. This behavior irritates the players and also affects their future. This is not so fun, it should be solved. Here are some of the bad coach characteristics are given below:

  1. Discourage

Always discouraging the particular player is the signs of an abusive coach. The parents have to spend time with your child to know what happens in the practice. Parents have the responsibility to solve the problems and difficulties of their child.

Some of the coaches may discourage particular players. The child enthusiastically joining the game but the coach may discourage the initial stage. This may affect child progress and interest. In the end, the child avoids playing games. So parents have to analyze the truth and issues. Then solve them to improve the child progress.

signs of a bad coach

  1. Yells negatively to the players

The duty of the coach is o instruct the players and guide them to win the game. Some of the good coaches will encourage the players even they done the mistakes. A good coach will yells – well done, don’t give up, we can win, well try, keep going, etc. But the abusive coaches always use negative yells like what are you doing? How can win this match? What is wrong with you? We can’t win etc.

The coach yell will help the players to rectify their mistakes and overcome their difficulties. The coach instruction will guide to play the game well. But some of the negative coaching spoils the players’ talents and game.

  1. Comment wrongly

Many of the news reports said that some of the national coaches are teasing the players and hurt them continuously. Many players gave a complaint against their coach. The bad minded coach may speak negatively about the players’ body structure like you are so fat, you look so little, etc. The best coach will not comment negatively and also helps to rectify their weakness.

Final thoughts:

Players get discouraged, lose their hope and their interest are some of the effects of negative coaching. The best coach will make the normal person into the best player. At the same time, the bad way of coaching may spoil the talented players. So choose the best coach and win the game.